Team Members

Brian Sause - Director

Brian has many years of experience with the Hardwood Plywood and Veneer Association and HPVA Laboratories managing the operation and promotion of the HPVA Laboratories programs and services. Through collaboration with industry representatives, he develops new technical and laboratory strategies, promotions, and services to meet needs of the association members and advocate the use and quality of their products. This includes coordinating revisions and participation in the development of test methods, building codes, regulatory requirements, product standards, and other issues of importance to HPVA. Brian holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Wood Science and Forest Products from Virginia Tech.

Josh Hosen - Senior Manager of Certification Programs

Josh graduated with a B.S. in Wood Science from Virginia Tech in 2008, and an M.S. in Wood Science from Virginia Tech in 2010. Josh’s primary responsibilities include managing the company’s ISO 17065-accredited certification programs; creating and maintaining documents for upkeep of the testing (ISO 17025), inspection (ISO 17020), and certification (ISO 17065) accreditations; and supervising the emissions and physical testing laboratory. His previous work experience includes working as a field technician for QAI Laboratories, where he performed on-site quality control process inspections at manufacturing facilities both domestically and internationally.

Chris Palumbo - Manager of Fire Testing - Engineer

Chris graduated from the University of Maryland’s Clark School of Engineering with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Chris began his career at HPVA Laboratories as a Laboratory Technician working in the Fire Testing Department. He is currently an active member of the ASTM E05 committee on fire standards. Chris’ responsibilities include coordinating and conducting fire tests along with maintaining and repairing laboratory equipment.

Stephen Dix - Manager of Product Testing - Chemist

Stephen graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Sciences from Virginia Tech in 2013. Stephen’s primary responsibilities include performing all formaldehyde emissions testing at the lab, and conducting annual audits of our certification clients’ quality management systems at manufacturing facilities across North America.

Chris Kaiser - Laboratory Technician

Chris, the newest member of the HPVA Laboratories team, graduated from the University of Maryland’s Clark School of Engineering with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Chris is currently in charge of conducting fire tests and glue bond tests.
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